Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are the new leading technology in building a safer, more energy efficient home for your family. They are forms of poured concrete that have sturdy foam on either side of the concrete and they provide several advantages that make your investment in home building and renovations worthwhile.

Unlike traditional homes, which tend to have problems after 15-25 years, ICF homes are much stronger, allowing them to last the test of time. ICF homes have the ability to last between 80 to 100+ years due to their concrete forms and can survive the test of severe weather storms and moisture. Because ICF homes are able to last much longer, there will be significantly less repairs on the exterior of the house and, therefore, there will be a lower overall cost in maintaining your new Calgary custom home.

Another advantage to building an entire ICF home is that it is a safer, healthier option for you and your family. Because it is concrete and non- organic, it won’t produce mold, or mildew, or cause any sort of respiratory diseases for you children, family or senior relatives.

The major advantage of building with ICF is that they are highly energy efficient, which translates to increased savings on insurance, and heating and cooling, along with a reduced risk of fire damage from your own, or neighbouring properties. ICF offers significant thermal insulation which helps to maintain indoor temperatures, which is beneficial for many people living in colder climates, such as those living in Calgary.

For most people, building a new custom home, or adding home renovations, is a one-time project, and therefore you want to invest in the best option. If you’re looking to investment in a home renovation, or build a custom home, ICF is a reassuring option. It is long lasting, safe and energy efficient. While stick frames might be the more economical choice up front, ICF custom homes will provide you with long lasting house for your family, with far less repairs and ultimately providing you with the best investment.

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